* reprinted from Jan, 5, 2011




I know not the time, but ONE HUNDRED YEARS ago, a seed was planted for a tree whose shade God has blessed me to sit under for almost 12 years, and I am utterly humbled by the opportunity. I have not envisioned the concept of living a hundred years, so to be linked to anything with a century attached is unreal to me….praise God for the chance

Through my Training for leadership, I have been blessed to fellowship with, be taught by, inspired, encouraged, mourned with, worked along side and just laughed with brother from Alpha XI,  to Zeta Zeta. (My brothers are everywhere.)

From the North, to the South, NE, to the SWAC,…….. My influences have been many.  We all toiled and strove for thee in one form or another.

To pour into the lives of Kappa leaguers, just to find out they are now your Frat Brothers…..to leave friends behind to go to Kappa land only to greet them again on the golden shore as they cross the sands…..now as my brother. To break bread with my mother’s two sons and also call them NUPES……To have a Sitting Grand Polemarch pass your credentials to another brother, simply because you are a brother…..These are Kappa Alpha Psi to me.

I pray I can make it to Indy, to walk where the 10 walked……but whether I do or not……

I am 100 tomorrow.


And it’s good to be a KAPPA!

John Carter III
Spr. 99

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