Based on the level of Non- Profit relationship the Principal of DESIGNEFX brought to the creation of this organization, there has  seldom been a stark distinction between the community service and work for hire when the effects have a design component; as such, there is a strong connection between the organization and the community.

some of the regular contributions made by DESIGNEFXJC3:


Everyday Intellect Inc.
Everyday Intellect is Everyday Intellect Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered Non Profit company created to  become a global online education company focusing on low to No Cost Educational Coursework, Technology, and Resources for STEM & STEAM learners and educators of the 21st century with a Focus on Learners of Color.- Learn More

DESIGNEFX is a proud supporter of Everyday Intellect and its aims and objectives to make STEM and STEAM learning available to all learners.

National Guide Right of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated
055fd6a0-859f-44c5-b91a-8de71289d260In commitment to Mentoring, Leadership Development and Character Building, DESIGNEFX is a Proud supporter of the initiatives of the Guide Right Program of Kappa Alpha Psi and assist consistently with expanding their reach via Social Media- Learn More about Guide Right.


Graphic Design resources, personal creative expression, networking, & rants

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