New Projects:

  •  ASE L.E.A.N- Logo Design and Branding
    Under Construction
  • Grace City Live Church– Website Redesign, Social Media Creation/Consultation
    Under Construction
  • Simply Sweeties Catering- Website Redesign
    Take a peek
  • Friends 4 Life AAU Basketball- Logo Branding, Website Redesign, Social Media Consultation
    Take a Peek

New Relationships:

  • E3 Business Group-
    Since October of 2016 I have been a member of a organization called E3 Business Group.E3 provides training, marketing support, product development, and strategic planning services for its members and associates. I am part of Workshops, seminars, and conferences  which cover a wide variety of business skills, leadership methods, and real world scenarios.
    I have also been connected to some brilliant and talented entrepreneurs, forward thinking CEO and yes, a few Clients too. I encourage a closer look at what it is like #beingE3 -Learn More
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