The company name of DESIGNEFXJC3  and the rationale for it in the first place really is a play of the phrase “personal effects” or the “privately owned items (as clothing and jewelry) normally worn or carried on the person.”*

Trained as a undergraduate college designer, our President, John Carter III became very aware of the relationship between the imagery that ones branding and marketing and design and their overall images is a personal thing (personal effects) and effective branding has everything to do with what the owner personally wants the world to feel their organization represents;  it is that connection to the brand that we work to maintain so that whatever Effects we create in our DESIGNS, always continue the message that the client intends.

Given the personal connection that a client has with its branding, identity or marketing associated with it, DESIGN and EFX describes the privately owned design items related to the person or organization, as created by JC3 = DESIGNEFXJC3.

(seemed logical at the time)


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